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High Quality Bespoke Garden Structures

We have considerable experience in most landscape work. We especially enjoy plant design and crafting beautiful garden structures for our customers. Our favourite timbers include UK & European Oak, Douglas Fir, Larch, Robinia, altered softwoods including Lignia and Brimstone Ash.

Our construction and planting service includes:

  • Full project management
  • Itemised estimates & quotes
  • Our friendly in-house landscape team
  • From full design and planting planning to just advisory input
  • Progress reporting
  • Pride in our work and a can do attitude
  • A clean and tidy site and responsible waste management

We can create:

  • Just about anything!

Would you like to know more? For any information regarding our services, or for a no obligation quote then don't hesitate to contact us.

High Quality Bespoke Garden Structures

Our Expert Planting Service

Getting planting right in any space will bring enjoyment throughout all the seasons, and help plants, food and wildlife to thrive all year round.


Free Consultation

We first meet you at your garden to discuss your aspirations, budget and plant preferences.


Planting Plans

We provide a well thought out planting list, Combining your plant preferences and our own plant knowledge and understanding of your garden conditions.


Sourcing and Planting

We are happy to do the planting ourselves or work together with you to plant the garden.  We can source from a network of trade and discount suppliers.


Maintenance Plans

We can provide you with an easy to manage maintenance schedule if you wish to maintain the garden. Or we can take care of your garden maintenance ourselves, or help find a reputable local gardener to do so.

After Care and Maintenance

We can take care of your garden maintenance ourselves or help find a reputable local gardener to do so. We also offer a service through by which you can have a digital record of your planting plan with info and advice on each plant and can benefit from a monthly plant care plan.

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There are several ways we can arrange a no-obligation quote. You can call or email us, or fill in the request a quote form and we will call you back!

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